Policy Date: 25 – 10 – 2013

Contact Person: Father’s Personal Assistant

Policy Applies to: All Community Members

Responsibility of Applying: Technical Staff

Implementation Date: 25 -10 -2013


 To regulate and improve the use of the audio-visual system
 Provide guide line for the efficient and professional way of using technology
 Provide aid for clear communication during the Holy Liturgy and the blessed meetings

 The microphone system is to be used strictly within the confines of the Church buildings.
 Avoid the abuse of the system by shouting or distracting others.
 Microphones are to be handled with care and treated professionally.
 Cables attached to any microphone must be safely laid on the floor for the safety of users and nearby.
 Only authorized technicians are allowed to conduct repairs or maintenance to the microphone system.
 Appropriate corrective action must be taken against anyone who misuse, abuse or mishandle.
 The projector system is to be used during the Holy Liturgy and Blessed Church meeting for the benefit of the congregation and meeting attendants.
 Any presentation or videos loaded on USB’s or lab tops that are connected to the projector system are to comply with our Coptic Orthodox Church teachings and must not disrespect the sanctity of the Church
 Drop-down screen is to be pulled down and released slowly to ensure the re-coil system is not damaged
 Care is to be taken while pulling down the screen so as not to injure any one.
 Ensure that the projector system is shut down correctly after using it.
 Ensure that the microphone and projector system cabinet are closed well and no one is allowed to play or open them.