Diocese History

In September 2000, the Diocese purchased a property in Coburg to establish as a Coptic Centre incorporating the Theological College. Extraordinary support was received both from the congregation and the youth in generous financial support and the theological college students who utilised the facilities to their capacity. Over the following two years the number of meetings, activities and theological college classes being held, exceeded the physical space available and it became clear that this facility would only be sufficient for, and limited to Theological College uses. In late December of 2001, through God’s grace, we were made aware of an exceptional property that had come up for sale. The property was called Whitefriars Park, a Carmelite Monastery established in 1937. In the heart of metropolitan Melbourne, with the capacity to cater to our needs for many years to come, it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and one in which the hand of God can be felt at work. Whitefriars Park has now become The Coptic Orthodox Church – Diocese of Melbourne and through God’s Grace, it will once again be used as a place of prayer, religious study, fellowship and retreat.

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