The Orthodox faith has a representation in different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, Different orthodox cultures have different cultural norms for dress. We accept differences in cultures both in and outside of Orthodoxy as much as we can. All we ask is that you do your best to be respectful to Christ and His house, and those that serve and do His works.

Services can be long and involve significant amounts of sitting, standing and prostrations (bowing), so wearing comfortable-fitting clothing is a good idea.

The following dress code is not just for the Liturgy on Sundays but for all other services because the Church is the house of the Lord and we should respect the presence of the Lord Jesus with us in His house.

General Dress Code:
Please refrain from wearing the following:

1. Clothes with large logos or statements on them could be offensive to others.
2. Gothic clothes with any satanic symbols or words are definitely offensive.
3. Overly baggy jeans that are ragged or jeans that are torn for style.
4. Strong or loud perfumes.
5. Body pierced jewelry of all sorts except one set of normal earrings for females.
6. Visible tattoos (except for a small cross on the right hand).

Clothes and appearance for men:
All men are strongly encouraged to:

1. Wear long pants and a presentable shirt, preferably one with a collar and long sleeves.
2. Refrain from sleeveless tops, singlets and shorts are appropriate.
3. Never wear hats, caps, bandanas or any other head cover for laity is completely unacceptable unless there is a medical necessity. We will ask men or male children/ teenagers to remove their hats if they wear them while in the church.
4. Make an effort to keep your appearance groomed.
5. Not to wear jewelry, however at a low-key level (rings and necklaces) might be accepted.

Clothes and appearance for women:
All women are strongly encouraged to:

1. Refrain from wearing any revealing attires.
2. Wear skirts that don’t go above the knees even if tights are worn under them. A long-cut dress is the traditional dress for women in the Orthodox faith. We encourage considering a dress that would reach the ankle.
3. Refrain from wearing tight pants/Jeans (unless worn with a long top covering the hips) or any tight dresses.
4. Avoid wearing sleeveless and low-cut tops.
5. Not to wear make-up, however a very light and sparing make-up may be acceptable.
6. Not to partake of the Holies or kiss the cross, icons or the priest’s hand if wearing lipstick.
7. Not to wear jewelry but wearing them modestly is accepted.
8. Always wear scarves on head during the Liturgy, however covering the face is not permitted.

1. Thongs are not acceptable.
2. High heels are not recommended.
3. Parents to make sure that children’ don’t wear any footwear that generates lights, sounds or music or are “roller shoes”.