Father Abram Abdelmalek was born in Egypt and completed two degrees in Egypt in Geology and Theology.
He migrated to Sydney, Australia in the year of 1993.

He was ordained a priest on the 15/11/1996 by Pope Shenouda III for Saint Mary and Archangel Michael Church, in Perth, Western Australia.

He has and is currently participating in the Ecumenical Movement in WA, Australia and Internationally, giving lectures, holding camps and retreats and representing the Coptic Community in many arenas.

Father Abram is currently helping the new comers and refugees to settle in Western Australia. He founded a joint venture project with the State Housing Commission (Homeswest) to help people of low income find a suitable dwelling. The best example to demonstrate this is the Anba Abram Village that consists of 6 units in Beechboro plus the many properties in Victoria Park.

He has participated to many political events of different cultures.

Father Abram organized to send supportive letters to our troops in East Timor from the Church’s youth and Sunday school.

He also led a visitation program to the East Timorees that arrived at the Barrack’s of Fremantle.

Father Abram Abdelmalek is a leading member of the Association of the Heads of Churches of Western Australia’s (WAHOC). The WAHOC comprises of some 13 Leaders of the Churches in WA, among them are the Catholic Archbishop of Perth, The Anglican Bishop, the Moderator of the Uniting Church, the Salvation Army, the Society of Friends, the Baptist Church, the Presbyterian Church to name a few. WAHOC takes a special interest in social justice, chaplaincy work, and Ecumenical dialogue.

He is also one of the Vice Presidents of the Council of Churches of Western Australia (C.C.W.A.).

He a supportive figure of the Ecumenical youth Network in WA.

He lectures them from time to time, organizes camps and youth representations to and from the church and these have resulted in a larger scale of communication between the youth of different origins.

Father Abram is an active member in the Inter-Orthodox Churches dialogue especially between the Eastern and Oriental groups of churches. In this area, he manages to establish strong relationships between the following different communities and there leaders: Ethiopian, Armenian, Syrian, Eritrian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, and Antiochian.

Father Abram Abdelmalek is serving a large spectrum of community groups. To name a few, The Egyptian, Sudanese, Lebanese, Armenian, Ethiopian, Eritrian Communities and as well as Australians.

He has founded bilateral means of communication with the individual church communities at the grass root bases e.g.: The Anglican Communities of Heatherage, the Catholic community of Wanneroo, Victoria Park and the Arabic Reformed Church.

He also works closely with some aboriginal communities in Western Australia like the Australian Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress.

He helps in many governmental projects with several ministries and organizations like: the Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, Department of Health and Aging, Australia Police Department, Department of Works and Housing, Department of Justice, and the Multicultural Access Unit.