I. General
1. Confidentiality is our top priority at all times
2. Christian moral and ethics are our conduct
3. Getting organized is our goal
4. Serving God and people with meekness and humbleness is our mission
5. Working safely is our common practice
6. Clear communication is our first step in solving problems

Policy of Entering and Exiting the Premises
Any person who has access to the church or any other premises that belong to the church should at all times maintain privacy, confidentiality and security of the premises. He/she should make sure that no damage, graffiti, misuse of the premises equipment, furniture and/or buildings. Smoking, alcohol use, drugs or any other substance abuse is prohibited in the premises. Playing worldly music, movies or video clips are totally against the church policy. Explicit materials whether printed or digital are totally prohibited. Foul language, rude manners and violence are not tolerated. Any form of child abuse whether verbal, physical, emotional, psychological or sexual is considered a crime by the church and it will be reported immediately to the concerned authorities.


I. Entering and Exiting the Premises
1. The gate code is ###
2. The keys for the church is stored in the door-side safe at the back entrance. The code is ###
3. Disarm the alarm upon entering. The code is ###
4. Upon exiting, make sure all lights are switched off, air-condition and fans are turned off, candles are put out, all doors are locked, all windows are shut in the church, hall and offices then arm the alarm. The code is 0 Away
5. Don’t forget to put the keys back in the safe
6. Make sure that the kitchen is closed
7. Make sure the laptops are secured and no valuables are left out
8. Lock the gate upon leaving the premises
9. If the church door is open while not attended make sure to switch on the door chime

II. Lost and Found Properties
1. After the service has finished on Sunday at the earliest time after that, the staff checks the church and surrounding grounds including Sunday school grounds for any property that is left behind after the services.
2. Any found property should be registered in a tally with the date and time, the person who found it and a brief description for the item.
3. Found valuable item(s) is/are to be handed to the church secretary Mr Adel Shihata on a signed receipt, who would announce the found item(s) for two consecutive weeks. If it/they is/are not claimed, he is to hand it/them to the treasurer/accountant on a signed receipt. The treasurer/accountant will keep them in the safe for one month. If no one has yet claimed the found item(s), they become property of the church. The church will sell them in the following fundraiser.
4. If you find wallets, purses, handbags, brief cases and mobiles; attempt to identify the owner in the presence of another person by searching through the contents. If the owner is identified, please contact him/her and make an appointment for him/her to receive the item or alternatively if they request, send it to the owner with a certified mail on his/her expense. If the owner could not be identified, please proceed as in previous point.
5. Clothes are to be displayed on the coat hanger in front of the church for two weeks then to be donated to any op shop, if in good condition or otherwise thrown away.
6. Found food; perishable food is to be trashed immediately for health reasons. Canned and non-perishable food is to be handed to the canteen attendant to be kept for two weeks, if not claimed they become church property and are to be sold through the canteen.
7. Found medicine; if medicine is labelled with the name of the owner please contact him/her. If not labelled hand it to any pharmacist to be disposed correctly.
8. For needles and sharp items please use precautionary measures, use gloves and any other safety gear if required.
9. If the found item is suspicious or unclear (boxed or bagged items) leave it alone check with church secretary/priest and if necessary call the authorities.
10. If any person reports lost property inform him/her about the policy and procedures of the lost and found properties. Take down the name of the person, date and time of occurrence, the place where the incident happened, brief description of the item(s), the contents of the item if applicable and if there was anyone in the scene at that time.
11. Hand a copy of a report to the church secretary who would check firstly where the treasurer/accountant on the contents of the safe. If they could not find it in the safe the secretary would announce it for two consecutive weeks

III. Cleaning
1. Refer to the cleaning policies and procedures
2. Make sure all batteries in electric bins are charged

IV. Instructions for Father Abram’s office
1. The office is to be locked all the time and no one is allowed in the office unless father is there
2. The office is always clean and tidy
3. Observe the inbox and the outbox trays and other draws. Nothing should be left on the desk except one writing pad
4. The fridge is always clean and filled with soft drinks, juice and water bottles
5. The tea table is always organised
a. With assorted kinds of tea (black, earl grey, green, mint and any other herbal tea), quick coffee, Turkish coffee, powder milk, coffee mate, long life milk and sugar
b. Four kinds of cookies; fasting and non-fasting, savoury and sweet
c. Jar of chocolate, jar of lollies and a jar of lollipops
d. 6 mugs, 6 water glasses, saucers or cup rests, plastic spoons, stirrers and paper napkins
6. Nothing to be stored in the office without father’s concent
7. Clocks and watches are always correct
8. Plants are to be watered twice a week
9. Kettle water to be changed everyday
10. Business card holder to be always filled (as well as the one in the church)
11. Stationary is to be checked periodically (pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, scissors, Stanley knife, hole puncher, stapler, staple remover, paper clips, sticky tape dispenser, glue, white board markers, permanent markers and a ruler)
12. Nothing to be thrown away or shredded without fathers approval
13. Two tissue boxes are to be always there
14. Air freshener and insecticide sprayers are to be always in working conditions
15. Assorted gifts to be stocked in the office (children’s, Arabic and English bibles, agpeya and kholagies, books, rosaries and key rings etc)
16. Light Christian music or hymns is to be played all the time
17. Maintain log of visitors
18. Decorate office in seasons of Christmas and resurrection
19. Aircondition is to be adjusted in summer on 19deg C
20. All electricity and electric appliances should be maintained and in working conditions

V. Instruction for Maintaining the Church
1. Make sure that all books are correctly labelled and correctly placed
2. Scarves and communion hand covers are organised and put in their place
3. The candle area is to be kept clean and candles are always stocked
4. Oil candles are ready for next service
5. Prayer request forms are always available (General and departure forms in Arabic and English)
6. Pencils and writing papers are always available
7. Envelopes for donation are always available
8. How to donate flier are always stocked
9. Previous week newsletter are kept in order
10. Fliers in flier holder are always up to date
11. Two tissue boxes are to be placed and checked periodically

VI. Instructions for the Hall and Other Notice Boards
1. The hall is to be organised at all times
2. Notice boards are to be updated weekly
3. Cupboard and cabinets are always locked with appropriate signs showing content of each
4. Photocopier, printer, and printing accessory table are to be covered when not in use

VII. Instruction for the Reception Area
1. Reception area is always clean, tidy and organized
2. First aid kit is kept always updated
3. No confidential data is to be left in that area
4. In the information display units are always updated
5. Trays and drawers are clearly labelled and regularly checked
6. When air-condition is operating, doors and windows should be closed
7. Security screen is always to be closed
8. Maintain minimum level of noise and crowdedness in the area, especially when Father is in his office
9. No food or drink is to be consumed in the area with exception for the staff
10. Computers, printers, electric appliances and telephones are always in working conditions

VIII. Procedures for receiving new people
1. Welcome them warmly and introduce yourself to them
2. Take their details for the database, with their pictures
3. Take an appointment for the Father to visit them
4. Give them the welcome pack (In progress)
5. Introduce them to:
a. Mr Adel Shihata – Church Secretary
b. Dr Eihab Boulos – Public Relations
c. Mr Magdy Hanna – New Comers
d. Mr Fayez Botrous – Sunday School Super Intendant (If they have Sunday School aged children)
e. Respective Sunday School servant or youth servant, if applicable
f. Mrs Maggie Shihata – Donations and Church Membership, if appropriate
g. Mrs Mary Garas – Kitchen and cleaning co-ordinator
h. Take them for a tour around the church e.g. kitchen, canteen bookshop, sunday school classes etc
i. Father Abram
j. Their career network group
6. Give their mobile number to:
a. Dr Eihab Boulos for general SMS
b. Mr Fayez Boutros for Sunday school messages
c. Mr Fadi Salama for daily verse (and youth SMS, if applicable)

IX. Procedures for Telephony
1. We should always seek to use the landline over the mobile
2. The mobile is on a $30 business fleet plan and for important calls only. It allows 5 minute calls for free between the fleet mobiles
3. On receiving calls, answer with the following “Saint Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church, this is (your name). How may I help you?”
4. Always take notes, including time and date of call, caller’s name, company/organization, purpose of call and phone number (there are special sticky notepads for this)
5. End the call in a friendly manner with “Thank you and God bless you”
6. Upon calling someone, introduce yourself in this manner “Hi, this is (your name) from Saint Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church, Fr Abram’s office” after greeting, state the objective of your call and make sure to leave your number for any feedback
7. SMS
8. FAX

X. Procedures for appointments
XI. Procedures for confessions
XII. Forms and Templates
XIII. E-mails
XIV. Filing
XV. Social Media
XVI. Other duties
XVII. Representing the Church
XVIII. Preparing and Attending Meetings (Agenda and Minutes)
XIX. Event Planning
XX. Children protection policy
XXI. Bullying policy
XXII. Use of internet policy
XXIII. Representing the church policy
XXIV. Employment policy
XXV. Equal opportunity policy
XXVI. Health safety and environment policy
XXVII. Medical emergency policy
XXVIII. Anti-discrimination policy
XXIX. Social Justice