I. Policy
1. The church is not hold under no circumstances liable to any lost property whether cash or in kind.
2. The church will endeavor to help people finding their lost properties with no obligations.
3. Any lost item that may cause health or safety hazards from the church’s point of view, will be disposed immediately.
4. The church will keep a record for the found items for the beginning of the next calendar a year, if the period between the date of finding the item and the new year is more than two weeks, if not than the record will be kept for the following calendar a year.
The church secretary and the treasurer are responsible for keeping the record and maintain all activities for this policy.

II. Procedure
1. After the service has finished on Sunday at the earliest time after that, the staff checks the church and surrounding grounds including Sunday school grounds for any property that is left behind after the services.
2. Any found property should be registered in a tally with the date and time, the person who found it and a brief description for the item.
3. Found valuable item(s) is/are to be handed to the church secretary Mr Adel Shihata on a signed receipt, who would announce the found item(s) for two consecutive weeks. If it/they is/are not claimed, he is to hand it/them to the treasurer/accountant on a signed receipt. The treasurer/accountant will keep them in the safe for one month. If no one has yet claimed the found item(s), they become property of the church. The church will sell them in the following fundraiser.
4. If you find wallets, purses, handbags, brief cases and mobiles; attempt to identify the owner in the presence of another person by searching through the contents. If the owner is identified, please contact him/her and make an appointment for him/her to receive the item or alternatively if they request, send it to the owner with a certified mail on his/her expense. If the owner could not be identified, please proceed as in previous point.
5. Clothes are to be displayed on the coat hanger in front of the church for two weeks then to be donated to any op shop, if in good condition or otherwise thrown away.
6. Found food; perishable food is to be trashed immediately for health reasons. Canned and non-perishable food is to be handed to the canteen attendant to be kept for two weeks, if not claimed they become church property and are to be sold through the canteen.
7. Found medicine; if medicine is labelled with the name of the owner please contact him/her. If not labelled hand it to any pharmacist to be disposed correctly.
8. For needles and sharp items please use precautionary measures, use gloves and any other safety gear if required.
9. If the found item is suspicious or unclear (boxed or bagged items) leave it alone check with church secretary/priest and if necessary call the authorities.
10. If any person reports lost property inform him/her about the policy and procedures of the lost and found properties. Take down the name of the person, date and time of occurrence, the place where the incident happened, brief description of the item(s), the contents of the item if applicable and if there was anyone in the scene at that time.
11. Hand a copy of a report to the church secretary who would check firstly where the treasurer/accountant on the contents of the safe. If they could not find it in the safe the secretary would announce it for two consecutive weeks.