More than 1/2 a century ago, the Copts started to migrate to WA. Though few in number, but a worth mentioning story. One famous man who worked hard to establish the community was the late George Whaba (arrived to Perth 57) who assisted new migrants to settle down in their new home country.

Not before 9/2/1975, when Fr Yohanna Thabet (from Sydney) celebrated the 1st Mass at St Albans Anglican Church in Highgate.

The 1st bishop visited Perth (1976) was HG Bishop Aghathon, Bishop of Ismailia and Sinai at that time.

In 1979 the families in Perth (~26), started to voice to HH for their need to have a regular service. HH delegated HG Bishop Antonios Markos, who used to visit Perth. Bishop Antonios gave all the support to this church in forming. He organized semi-regular monthly liturgies from the Eastern States.

In one of his visits (1980), Bishop Markos accompanied Fr Mina Kamel to be the 1st resident priest for the community. They together with the community leaders managed to have St Barnabas Anglican Church in Leederville as a temporary church for Sunday services. Before that, the community used to have their prayers and meetings at homes, halls or even libraries.

Few months later, Fr Mina returned to Sydney. Perth had to be served from the Eastern States once again.

In 87, HH Pope Shenouda III, delegated the late Fr. Theodosios El-Anba Bishoy (departed 17/4/94), to establish a church in WA. Fr. Theodosios laboured greatly until a permanent church