Parking Permit Information:

1. Parking Permits must be displayed on all vehicles on the front window and be visible for the members of St Mary & Archangel Michael Church.

2. Parking Permits remain the property of the Church.

3. Parking Permit will be the responsibility of each Permit holder to renew it.

4. Parking Permits are not transferable to any other person or vehicle.

5. Parking Permit DOES NOT entitle the holder to any privileges whatsoever in relation to parking spots.

6. The holder of each Parking Permit must ensure that the Parking Permit is removed and discarded if the vehicle is sold or transferred. A new Parking Permit must then be obtained.

7. All Permit holders will be registered in our database. A list of all holders and their respective Permit numbers will be displayed in the Church hall on the notice board.

8. The Church reverses the right to cancel any Permit if such need arises.

General Parking Information:

1. This information is subject to the restrictions applied by the Town of Victoria Park and any parking regulations in place.

2. Parking is strictly prohibited on the footpaths or on any driveways.
3. Parking is ONLY allowed on ONE side of Gerard Street – the verge of the Church.

4. Parking is allowed perpendicular to the fence and along the kerbside.

5. You must not waste any parking spots by blocking empty parking spots with your vehicle.

6. Infringement of the parking regulations may result in your vehicle be towed away by Authorities. Parking fines may also apply.

7. The Church reverses the right to pass on any fines it may receive to their individuals whose actions caused the issuing of those fines.

8. Children or pets must not be left in the vehicle unattended under any circumstances. This is a criminal act and may attract criminal charges enforced by the concerned Authorities.

9. The Church is not liable for any theft, vandalism or other damage to any vehicle or any valuables left in the vehicle.

10. Parking within one meter of the fire hydrant (marked “H” on the road) is prohibited by the Town of Victoria Park. The vehicle may be towed away and fines may apply.

11. In case of fire or any other emergency, please refer to our emergency evacuation information sheet displayed on the notice board in the Church hall.

12. Be mindful of noise pollution while parking your vehicles. Horns are only to be used in emergency situations.

13. During Church celebrations, parking rules different to the above may be put in place by the Parking Coordinator assigned by the Church.

14. Be mindful of the potential danger to pedestrians and children crossing the road and moving between the vehicles.

In addition to any fines that may be issued by the Authorities, failure to comply with the above rules may warrant a disciplinary action taken by the Church against the offending individuals.
(The Church reserves the right to determine the nature of the disciplinary action)