Drag Queen Story Time

It came to our knowledge that the city of Perth Library is hosting a Drag queen story time. Drag queens are usually men , who dress in women’s clothing telling stories to kids of 3-11 years of age.

This program aims to destroy gender restrictions and expose children to non mainstream adult themes.

Please find our stand towards such an event !!!


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    Jilba Georgalis says:

    I congratulate the Coptic Church on its stand against Grah Queen Storytime. These events are totally inappropriate for young children who deserve to keep their innocence and not be exposed to unnatural sexuality. One wonders how parents can take their children to these events. Please continue to fight against this and please warn me that I may protest too.

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      William Kavanagh says:

      I am very pleased to note that these attempts to indoctrinate young children, are being strongly resisted and opposed by the Coptic Church. I will be contacting my MP to express my opinions and call for action by the City of Perth to cancel and prohibit this evil from being presented in any of its facilities

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