The Coptic Orthodox Church of WA at 318 Shepperton Road, E. Vic. Park is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced trade’s people from the Church congregation to be maintained in the register for any future work to be required and carried out at the Church, Church properties in East Victoria Park and the joint Venture property project at Beechboro.

The type of work anticipated (Electrical repairs and maintenance, plumbing repairs and maintenance, Roof Restoration and fixing, Gutter cleaning, Gardening and lawn mowing, Reticulation repairs and maintenance, Gas plumbing and general cleaning) will be in contract basis.

Contractors shall meet the following requirements of the selection criteria:
• Qualifications (be licensed and possess comparable certification in their field and meet all requirements of the state law).
• Experience and past performance (Evidence of competence materials and standards and quality of past work executed).
• Experience and past performance of assigned individuals (if work is going to be carried out by subcontractors).
• Capacity to perform work.
• Financial strength.

When apply, please confirm and provide all documents to help assessing your application, that include but not limited to:
• Membership of any trade association or professional body and enclose current copy of membership certificate(s).
• Evidence of competence materials.
• Standards and quality of work expected.
• Copies of Insurance Liability Certificates – these may include:
1. Employers and Public Liability Insurance
2. Professional Indemnity Insurance
3. Contractors All-risks Insurance
4. Other Insurance as applicabe
• Your Company information:
1. Name of Company
2. Trading as
3. ACN / ABN
4. Address
5. Phone / Fax
6. Email Address
7. Form of business organization (Corporation, Partnership, etc.)
8. Years in business
9. Primary individual to contact

All applicants with the required supporting documents to be submitted to the Church Secretary.