Policy Date: 14-10-2013

Contact person: Father’s Personal Assistant

Policy Applies to: All Community Members

Responsibility of Applying: Secretary Staff


 Christian morals and ethics are our conduct
 Using technology in the best way to serve God
 Using emails, web search and research for every day operations
 Working professionally is our common practice
 Clear communication is our task


 Any person who has access to the church or other premises that belong to the church should at all times maintain privacy, confidentiality and security of the premises
 Internet password should be changed periodically
 Using the internet connection for any internal media (projectors, TVs or closed circuits show) should be approved first
 Children under the age of 12 should be watched over when using the internet
 No one is allowed to log in the wireless WIFI of the church without permission
 Ensure that no one use the church’s website or email for personal use
 Check the church’s website periodically and update to the latest news