Policy Date: 15 – 11 – 2013

Contact Person: Father’s Personal Assistant

Policy Applies to: All Community Members

Responsibility of Applying: Technical Staff

Implementation Date: 15 -11 -2013


 The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety of all users of the playground.
 The Playground is aimed at educating and entertaining children who are 12 years of age or younger.
 The soundness of the playground equipment is of great importance, not only because of their cost but most important for the safety of our children. A broken equipment is a risk hazard to the users.


– Maintaining, repairing and cleaning of the playground remains the Church’s responsibility, however safety of the children are their parents responsibility, no child is allowed to enter the playground without the supervision of his parents.
– The Church will end over to ensure the safety of the children however; the Church does not accept any liabilities that may arise from the use of the playground.
– The Church will appoint one of the servants to supervise the use of the playground every Sunday after the Holly Liturgy.
– The servant must collect the playground key from the secretary office and return it back at the end of the day.
– For your children safety, please follow the instructions on the playground area.
– The playground is a free service for your children, however it is the parent’s responsibility to fix any damage that may occur due to their children use of the equipment.
– Scheduled regular maintenance of the equipment is to be held by the maintenance team.
– Playground must be closed at all times when there is no supervision.
– The playground key is the secretary’s responsibility all the time; no one is allowed to take the key without notice and approval.
– There will be a logbook to sign in to get and return the key.